Making feedback on marketing ideas available to all

Going with your gut doesn’t always cut it. Make informed marketing decisions with the help of SenseCheck.

The SenseCheck story


How it all started

SenseCheck is the brainchild of Roger Jackson and Simon Preece. As small business owners themselves, they recognised the challenges and frustrations small business owners face in assessing the potential of their marketing ideas.


The old way

They struggled to see their business objectively to be confident in their own ideas. They could ask colleagues or friends, but that feedback often too sugar coated.


The new way

So they developed SenseCheck, a groundbreaking feedback sharing platform that allowed small business owners to give and receive an independent objective second opinion from like-minded people with business/marketing experience and perspective.


The result

Small business owners everywhere can make informed decisions about their marketing ideas and get better results. They have the validation they need to alter, scrap or push live with confidence – reducing the risk of underperformance.

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Meet our team!

Roger Jackson
Why Roger loves SenseCheck:

I’ve wasted so much marketing money over the years. The right second opinion would have made all the difference.

Simon Preece
Why Simon loves SenseCheck:

I love the idea of business owners helping each other through sharing independent feedback.

Monica Pram
Client Success Director
Why Monica loves SenseCheck:

It is a compelling platform where marketing professionals that are passionate about business, come together to help their peers succeed. This allows them to be more savvy with their marketing budgets.

Zsolt Apponyi
Zsolt Apponyi
CTO - DataExpert
Why Zsolt loves SenseCheck:

When looking for feedback, trying to get in front of your target audience can be one of the biggest challenges. I love that we don’t need to be afraid of this anymore.

Bjanka Trnkovska
Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager
Why Bjanka loves SenseCheck:

Many times I’ve had this niggling worry that my marketing idea isn’t quite good enough. That niggle is gone with SenseCheck.

Ryan James
Why Ryan loves SenseCheck:

I’ve seen so many marketing budgets go down the drain. A SenseCheck would have often prevented this.

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A word from our founder


Want to know if your marketing idea works?
Get it SenseChecked!