February 11, 2023

Can AI replace humans in marketing?

AI can already create content based on clicks and conversions, but it will likely always miss the ‘human’ side of marketing and won’t have the ability to critique its own work. This is where SenseCheck comes in… 


What if your job could be done even better by AI? What if software already exists that could easily take over from you at a far lower cost to the company you work for?

Well, this is exactly what is set to happen as AI evolves and becomes capable of an ever wider range of tasks. Computers are well and truly threatening to take charge of the marketing world, amongst other disciplines, replacing talented specialists with cheaper, data-driven, computer-designed solutions.

Current capabilities

For now, in the context of marketing, AI is used largely to collate and analyse data, but it can also be utilised to make decisions based on this data.

It is often used in Media Buying (the process of predicting the most effective ad and media placements), in automated decision making (whereby AI marketing tools use data to isolate which marketing or business growth strategy a company should use), basic content generation and real-time personalisation (customising what a customer sees – a web page, social post, email, etc – to fit their past preferences and encourage a certain action).

In short, AI is capable of using machine learning to come to conclusions and suggest decisions. Soon, it will be using this ability to design your strategy and campaigns too.

The human side

But there is hope. It is unlikely that AI will be able to handle the ‘human’ side of marketing, at least in the medium term. This includes things like understanding the ‘why’ behind data, and the ability to analyse one’s designs and decisions to cater to this ‘why’. We argue that it takes a human being to fully understand why a customer produces the data they produce.

So can AI really replace humans in marketing? We don’t think so.

For example, AI can guess which soft drink advertisement will better engage a company’s target market, based on past engagements and behaviour. But it cannot understand the emotional, financial, environmental and schema-based factors that come into how a person perceives and responds to marketing material. Maybe people are engaging, but in what way? And if those factors were to change, would that invalidate AI’s data?

Just as importantly, AI cannot assess its recommendations, results or creations. It simply produces based on existing data, without the full picture of the human side. We believe that it is necessary to take a look at your work in marketing, and consider all aspects of its potential success or failure. When the results come in, it’s important to analyse the ‘why’.

How SenseCheck can help

This is exactly what we offer at SenseCheck: a panel of human beings with B2B marketing expertise who can assess your campaigns and strategies and give you honest, experienced, ‘human’ feedback.

Instead of spending money on insight from prospects or asking your network of contacts who are often biased because they don’t want to offend you, you can run your idea by a vetted panel of peers in the B2B marketing space. You receive 5 frank second opinions on your marketing concept – campaigns, logos, videos, website, blogs, you name it – designed to challenge your own judgement and spark new ideas.

If you’re interested, we would love to hear from you. Interact with us by using our panel of experts, or join up and be an assessor yourself (or both!). You can also follow us on Facebook and Linkedin to keep up to date with SenseCheck developments and opportunities. If you prefer to reach out directly to have a chat or need any assistance, contact Monica Pram at monica@sensecheck.com

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