June 8, 2023

Five ways to improve your organic social media reach

As the algorithms on social media platforms become more complex, it is ever more necessary to use paid posts and adverts in order to reach your market. But all hope for organic content is not lost! Here are five tips on how to improve your organic social media posts to reach and engage more users.

1. Interact with followers

Interact with those who like, comment or share your posts, to get your content showing up on more people’s feeds and attract new followers to your profile. The more activity on your posts, the more likely it is that they will be more widely viewed.

Interacting like this also shows your following that your business is engaged and interested in its audience. Like peoples’ comments, reply, and thank people when they share your posts.

You could also make a point of posting questions designed to get your audience involved. Ask for their thoughts on a topic, give them a poll, make a statement and ask them if they agree. Ask them to choose which product they prefer, or tell you where and when they use your products.

2. Be deliberate with your content

It’s important to remember that all of your posts on social media are representing your business, so whatever you post, it should be carefully crafted to suit your business’ brand and message. Don’t just post for the sake of posting.

You should also be working with a social media policy that clearly sets out guidelines for posting. These could include:

  • The conventions for your posts – things like do you use UK or US English? How long is the typical post? What categories of content do you post? When you have a blog to post, how do you introduce it? Etc.
  • Develop social media brand guidelines.
  • Have a social media response plan in place to respond to different types of crises.
  • Implement a business code of conduct for staff members to deter any wrongdoings.

3. Post regularly and reliably

Yes, algorithms are key to your posts being seen in newsfeeds. But what – aside from money – gets your posts picked up by the algorithms in the first place? Focus on consistent, relevant content, and you’ll demonstrate that your posts are worth displaying.

Focusing on this can also be key to making your business look cohesive and professional. You want your content to illustrate your brand and attract people to it – be consistent with what you post, and make sure it is relevant to your audience, your company and current events.

4. Prioritise quality over quantity

Yes, you want to post regularly as per the point above, but this doesn’t necessarily mean posting often. It is far better to post one, quality post per week than post general content multiple times.

 You want to share things that are on-brand, deliberate, and garner interactions from followers. This can mean one quality post ‘every Tuesday evening’ – or whatever time and day works best for your following.

It can also mean once a day, depending on the amount of top-notch content your team is able to produce. The best way to figure out what’s possible for your business is to build a social media plan – something that sets out research into what days and times work for your audience and on which platforms, the kinds of content you want to offer them, the way you will present it, and even who will be responsible for making it and the resources they will need.

5. Get an independent second opinion

Finally, and we argue most importantly, you could ask a marketer outside your team what they think of your posts before you run them, for a third-party assessment of how well they will perform.

This is important because your team has unconscious bias, simply because you are a cohesive, well-practised unit that has been selling the same product for a very long time. Having the perspective of someone who isn’t from your team will allow you insight that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

We have the tools to provide this – our panel of experts have got you covered. With Sensecheck you get feedback from 5 marketing experts. Check out our How it Works page for more, or Sign Up here to get started.

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