March 7, 2022

It can be lonely doing marketing in a small business

Do you find it lonely in marketing?


It can be lonely doing marketing in a small business. Scary sometimes. Or at the very least, stressful. Particularly at the point you are about to commit your precious budget to something new.

It’s probably only you with the title “marketing” or perhaps even you are the owner – without any specialist support on hand. The decisions are on your desk. And they are not simple decisions. We all know about those sleepless nights over-thinking things.

Marketing is one of the least straightforward parts of success in a small company. Notably because so often we are “flying blind”. It’s hard to get to talk to potential clients. Let alone to test marketing ideas. Expensive to do traditional market research. We all live far too much in our own little echo chamber.

When you do execute a marketing idea, then often there is radio silence. Maybe a few clicks or the odd reaction but for the most part even after the event we don’t really know how well it worked let alone why. So when our fingers hover over the “go” button on the next ad, landing page, brochure or blog post its not surprising we worry whether we have got it right.

If you are spending your own money, failure hurts. If you are spending someone else’s, failure is career limiting.

One thing we think would really make a difference is having some other marketing brains “in the room” with you as you ponder your next decision. People who understand the challenges, people who have been there and got the T shirt.

But crucially also people who are not steeped in your product story, are not biased by being too close to your trees to see the wood, hence able to take the same external perspective as your customers. People who are 100% willing to be honest and tell you what they really think. This is not a time to have sugar coated opinions. There’s money on the line.

If the idea that someone out there has got your back appeals, then take a look at the Sensecheck platform. Unbiased honest feedback on marketing ideas from fellow business owners and marketers.

There’s now no need to make this decision on your own. And its free to try it out.


Roger Jackson

CEO of ShopperIntelligence

Founder of SenseCheck

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