January 29, 2024

You can’t read the label from inside the jar – the fundamental marketing issue

Let’s face it – marketing is a tricky business. It’s expensive but hard to measure. With budgets being squeezed more than ever, marketers and businesses are under immense pressure to wring every drop of value out of the campaigns they run, while ensuring a good return on investment. And to be honest, it can be very subjective, is it not?

Tech and other start-ups…..objective, external feedback on your marketing before pressing “go”. Surely that’s an unnecessary luxury?

We are all smart people who know our businesses well, right? How hard can it be to do an ad for it?

Well, there is a massive problem. An invisible one. You, yourselves (and that includes your team and probably even your agency) already know what your product is, does and what you are trying to say. So, our brains help us “see” this in any comms, whether it’s actually there or not.

I have made this mistake myself many times in my small business life so I don’t pick on this particular Ad to be snarky. Rather, since this is the front page of the FT, I use it just to illustrate that “it’s a thing”. And it’s serious.

In all the dialogue of a thousand marketing matters here on LinkedIn, I see few mention the fundamental issue that “you can’t read the label from inside the jar”

Do any of you know at first sight (don’t Google it!) what this ad is about? Perhaps in its niche, it’s already well known……?

Actually, by my observation failing to say what your product actually IS (and does) may be the most common problem out there (because it’s so self-evident to you, it’s the easiest thing to leave out)

Yes, I am certainly biased* because I have built a solution to this need, but now I am “Problem Aware” I see it around me dozens of times a day.

And marketers at UIPath, are happy to give you a free plug, guys! From the website, it looks like a great solution…


Roger Jackson – founder and CEO of SenseCheck

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