Frequently Asked Questions

All members are validated by our team on sign up, cross checked with Linked in profiles. They are either genuine owners/managers of sizable SMEs or time served marketing experts. When you see feedback you will see an abbreviated (anonymized) version of the peers name and company info.

This is member controlled since you rate the feedback you receive. Members failing to meet feedback standards will be unable to take part on this (but can keep seeking feedback). We don’t think Sensecheck will appeal to those unwilling to take the task seriously.

This depends a bit on how much activity is on the platform in any one week. The Beta test will give us guidance.

We hope you join with the intent of this being a reciprocal experience, but there is no obligation to give feedback. Also, you can choose when and if you do feedback in any day or week to suit your availability. If you don’t do any reviews you just forgo the credits that reduce your subscription.

The system is based on the idea of 5:1, for each idea posted five reviews need to take place. If you commit to being a member you can anticipate this playing out – so you may post a concept once a month, and do a review once a week, for example. But there is no compulsion around this.

Part of the Beta test is to see what members what to get a second opinion on. From our part, if it can be shown well visually then any aspect of marketing can be uploaded. You can show rough ideas, or finished advertisements. You can get input on anything from Facebook posts to new logos. Obviously the more finished the idea the easier it will be for your peers to give you clear feedback.

Of course, this isn’t a platform to explore complex strategic questions. It’s about a quick sense check.

The upload form gives you a brief space to explain what you are aiming to achieve with the marketing. It may be helpful to explain very briefly what your business is and does.

If you check the “include” box, one of your panel of 5 reviewers will be a validated marketing expert. They join Sensecheck in the hope they can meet potential new clients and demonstrate their expertise and insight. They will give you their point of view of the idea you show them. You can then choose whether you open a direct conversation with that person. Otherwise you and they remain anonymous. This is entirely your decision, but we hope you take advantage of the free advice on offer and you can always make use of the expertise with a direct conversation to discuss things in greater detail.

If this is a concern, then tick the box “exclude my Industry” in the upload area. Then your idea won’t be shown to any peer in that vertical. We expect Sensecheck to be used to validate marketing close to the point it was going to ‘go public’ anyway. We can’t guarantee who sees what because this is the internet after all.