Expert Members - Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a time and cost effective way to meet the right kind of potential SME clients is a challenge for any marketing, or creative consultancy business. By becoming a Sensecheck “expert” and providing quality feedback on ideas you have an opportunity to impress with your insight and clients can invite you to call them directly with the click of a button. That decision is up to them but you will have the opportunity of speaking directly to Owners who are predisposed to more meaningful business conversations. Membership is a clear cost effective way to maximise your new business ROI.

All members are validated by our team on sign up, cross checked with Linked in profiles. They are all genuine owners or directors of sizable SME businesses with a clear desire to do better marketing.

All potential members will be validated by our team on sign up and they will cross check your experience with Linked in profiles. Ideally you will have circa 10 years experience in senior roles within agency or client-side marketing roles. (is this enough of a steer on criteria?)

Reviews are made live on your screen on the website and each “task” is only live for a small time (e.g. 12 hours) or until 5 people commit to review. If a client choses to obtain the views of a member of the expert community, you will be notified of all live requests for feedback and responses are allocated on a first come first served basis. The more active you are, the more opportunities you have to influence owners. (is this accurate enough?)

This depends a bit on how much activity is on the platform at any one time. The Beta test will give us guidance. We expect 24 hour turnaround to be the norm.

SenseCheck is a member controlled process and members rate all the feedback they receive. Expert members failing to meet predefined feedback standards will be unable to take part. We don’t think Sensecheck will appeal to those unwilling to take the task seriously and we assume that the quality of insight and feedback provided by our experts will always add value.

It is up to you how active you are, Sensecheck is flexible to your availability for new business activity. The more active you are the more opportunities you have to influence owners and open up new conversations. There is no obligation to give feedback and you can choose when and if you do feedback to suit your availability. If you don’t do any reviews you just miss out on opportunity generation.

Part of the Beta test is to see what members want to get a second opinion on. From our part, if it can be shown well visually or described succinctly then any aspect of marketing can be uploaded for review. You can be shown rough concept ideas, or finished advertisements. You can be asked to review anything from Facebook posts to new logos or compare multiple executions of the same idea for things like packaging or campaigns.

Of course, this isn’t a platform to explore complex strategic questions. Its about a quick sense check. But as the expert advisor, you may feel it appropriate to raise strategic issues, its up to you.

Our community gives quick, simple, honest feedback. The upload form from the client gives you a brief about what they are aiming to achieve with the marketing You will be asked to simply score the idea on 4 key metrics such as: (score on a 5 point scale from very good to very poor)

IMPACT • Eye-catching (Do I think this marketing will be noticed in the environment it’s intended for, and stand out or get attention) • Engaging (Will the target audience be attracted to think about, read or otherwise spend mental time on the idea; put simply, is it interesting or do I like it ) CONTENT • Easy to understand (Is the message clear, simple and quick to interpret with minimal time and prior knowledge?) • Says what it’s meant to (Does the content communicated the intended message in the brief (as explained) – does it “do the job”?) Then bearing in mind your ratings if this were my business, would I run this idea? • Yes - as is • Yes - but with minor changes • No You would then also give a short commentary of your feedback (300 word max)

There are no guarantees that clients will chose to contact you, but the quality of your insight and feedback should be enough to demonstrate you can add value and help convince clients it is worth having a follow up conversation. It’s a case of nothing ventured nothing gained. In the unlikely event that this does happen, by participating in the SenseCheck community you are helping to ensure that SME businesses improve their decision making, get better marketing, and avoid expensive mistakes. As such you will be recognised as being part of an expert group that is helping small businesses recover in these challenging times.