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The truth is, it’s hard to create winning
marketing when you’re winging it

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But here’s the thing. When you’re running your own small B2B business, going with your gut is often the only way…

  • Having enough in-house resources to take marketing off your shoulders is a pipe dream.
  • Finding the funds to invest in swanky market research is out of the question.
  • Speaking to your ideal customers would be fantastic… if you could actually get them on the phone.
So you end up judging new marketing ideas with little more than your instincts.
And that doesn’t always work out so well…
Because you know what you want to say. But you haven’t got any way to know if you’re actually saying it.


Trying-to-be-nice nods are NOT the answer

  • Your colleagues don’t want to upset you (the Boss). So you don’t get objective advice.
  • Advisors and mentors also agonize over keeping the peace. So they don’t point out the problems.
  • People on social are happy to share their opinion. But how can you be sure they know what they’re talking about?

So with no better options, you convince yourself
“This is going to work.”

But deep down you wonder, “Will it?”.

What if you didn’t have to play Russian roulette with your marketing budget
every time you pay for new collateral?
What if you could get honest, objective feedback on your marketing ideas
– available on tap – from experienced professionals?
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Get shockingly powerful feedback on your
marketing ideas

See how Sensecheck helps you understand your marketing.
(in only 2 mins 29 seconds.)

SenseCheck’s platform puts your marketing idea in front of a 5-panel of vetted business professionals.

In less than 2 business days, you receive a report of what’s working (and what’s not) – containing valuable insights for improving the copy and design of your collateral.

Get answers to questions like

  • Is my messaging structure clear?
  • Does the design make sense?
  • Is my offer compelling?
  • Do my prospects know what to do next?
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Improving your B2B marketing has
never been easier

Here’s how you get your ideas reviewed in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Upload your marketing idea in minutes

You upload your marketing collateral anonymously, along with a short brief outlining your goals and target using our drag ‘n’ drop portal.

Step 2

Get 50+ years of experience reviewing your work

Our review panel is exclusively made up of hand-picked professionals with over a decade of experience in business or marketing. You can select the type of reviewers you want to take part in the review by the industry for maximum confidentiality.

Step 3

Find out how to fix your marketing

Get a confidential, detailed report that helps you adjust your idea, scrap it, or go live with confidence.

Be prepared for insights so useful they’ll annoy you…

…and then leave you hungry for more. Like our long list of happy customers.

Justyne Smagacz
Head of Customer Experience, Fresha

Incredibly powerful and insightful.

Khristian Serrano
School Online

I received feedback on my collateral and I am delighted with the insights. Really gave me food for thought and I’ll be back for more. I’ve left some feedback and given 5 stars. I’ll be using your service again!

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Mark Evans
Fractional CMO, Marketing Spark

When working with a client to develop a new logo, our agency proposed an interesting design. I didn't like it. To get a second opinion, I used SenseCheck. I quickly received feedback that confirmed my concerns. I was able to quickly convince the client that a refreshed version of the existing logo was a better option.

Peter Bishop
Founder and CEO,

I received my Sense Check and it struck a few nerves, which was great as it leads to my improvement. Important questions were asked by Sense Check professionals. It helps to receive non-biased feedback in marketing.

Robert Stell

I found it really annoying…I prickled at the comments. But……… that prickling led to thinking which led to action. So was it useful?? Damn right it was useful…would I use it again..yes, depending on the cost but yes, absolutely.

Swati Deshpande
Swati Deshpande
Marketing Manager, Fooditude

It was nice to be able to get some unbiased opinions from talented peers. Each person sent our campaign offered constructive opinions / changes and the final campaign is so much better for it. The whole process was really simple and the turnaround on feedback was quite quick – It certainly is a service I would recommend.

Real people + real feedback = real results

SenseCheck gives you thoughtful and easy-to-implement marketing from a group of human experts.

So you can stop taking speculative stabs in the dark. And start creating reliable revenue – like Shopnosis


quote The feedback was hugely beneficial in understanding how to improve engagement. I can report that the emails after our sense check got 46% open rate compared with 36% before, and the response rate TRIPLED to 3%. A fantastic first experience with your service. Thank you. quote

Uros Berisavljevic
CEO. Shopnosis

Yes. If you’ve got it, we can review it.

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Here are some more answers

Yup! Try SenseCheck for free and with unlimited tests during your trial period. Working on your website? SenseCheck it.
Landing page? SenseCheck it. Blog? SenseCheck it.

You get the picture. If it’s marketing you can get it checked.

See our pricing page here.

Members must be either business owners or marketers with around 10 years of experience or more. Our team personally checks each member’s application and the applicant’s LinkedIn profile for relevant experience.

Unlike PAYG users, only members can give feedback. We vet all members in order to uphold high-quality feedback for everyone.

When you submit an item for feedback, you will receive five responses. The algorithm selects respondents from our pool of qualified panellists. Only those that have responded will actually see your submission. In effect, everyone else is locked out, making it very unlikely for any competitors to stumble across your test this way.

We trust our members, and by signing up they agree to the membership pledge but we cannot guarantee or speak for them.

Having said that, bad actors will be removed from the platform.

At no point is your submission or feedback shared on any public forum by SenseCheck without your express permission.

Your marketing will be made public eventually. Wouldn’t you rather get objective actionable insights from your target audience before you launch?

Finally start feeling confident about
your marketing

It’s time to put all the questions and wasted marketing money behind you.
Get 90 days of unlimited access to SenseCheck’s marketing validation platform – for free.

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Upload marketing idea in 2 mins
  • Get feedback within 48 hours



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