What is SenseCheck?

Sensecheck is the only marketing validation platform for small B2B businesses.

Our huge panel of marketers, owners and consultants provides a confidential external review of your marketing material, uninhibited by internal company biases.

Giving you a helpful fresh perspective to reduce your risk – Before you commit your cash

Business Owners

The large SenseCheck panel includes small business owners, marketers and marketing professionals who act as a proxy for your potential clients. Here are just a few of them...

Khristian Serrano
Digital Marketing Director
Steve Lamar
Promo Prep
Jane Stacey
Managing Director
IdeaCake Brand Consultancy
Phil Isherwood
Marketing Strategist
Phil Isherwood
Simon Moss
Element Communications
Annabelle Lawrence
Associate Director
Immediate Future
Kristina Ball
Senior Marketing Manager
Built Visible
Michael Payton MBA FCIM
Managing Director
Payton Marketing & Project-Zero

Get honest arms length feedback on your marketing ideas with second opinions that actually help

But first, who are you?

Business Owners


The feedback was hugely beneficial in understanding how to improve engagement. I can report that the emails after our sense check got 46% open rate compared with 36% before, and the response rate TRIPLED to 3%. A fantastic first experience with your service. Thank you.

Uros Berisavljevic
CEO. Shopnosis

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