Yes, we are definitely about improving your marketing results. But no, we are not some kind of consultancy or a research firm.

SenseCheck is something totally new: a kind of “leg-up” for small businesses.

SenseCheck’s online platform enables small business owners and marketers like you to get an arms-length, informed second opinion to improve your marketing outcomes.

Whilst direct feedback from customers every time may be ideal, it’s not very practical and can be too expensive and time-consuming to be your ‘go-to’ for validation. Customers also may be good at saying “yes” or “no”, but can stop short of helpful advice… and in B2B getting their input into your marketing probably isn’t your first priority in a precious first call.

Yes, you can ask around the office, tap your network or even post something online, but sadly, like it or not these sources carry inevitable bias and/or sugarcoating (as they prioritise the relationship). Or they may not know what they are talking about.

So, as a pragmatic (and very affordable) alternative our huge panel of vetted specialists give their frank clear-eyed opinion on any marketing material or plan. Giving you that crucial external and reassuring viewpoint from outside your bubble.

Look how easy it is:

How it works

Step 1

Upload whatever you want feedback on

Provide your material in total confidence with some info on objectives/target market, and what you want feedback about.


Step 2

Your panel reviews it

Your 5 select SenseCheckers give their opinions which are compiled into an actionable summary.


Step 3

Results hit your inbox!

Your detailed, confidential report arrives direct to your inbox in 3 – 5 days. Adjust, refine, or confidently launch your initiative.

Book a call with one of our product specialists

One of our product specialists will be in touch to book a 15-minute demo call.

You’ll find out what SenseCheck is and how it can help you with your marketing.

We sure do!
You can watch our demo here.
And this is an example of what your feedback might look like.

SenseCheck is ideal for getting qualitative feedback from a proxy target audience. Where possible, it is always better to get feedback from your actual target audience but when it’s either too expensive or they’re impossible to pin down, the next best thing is SenseCheck.

Find out how your marketing is really coming across.

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