Yes, we are definitely about improving your marketing results. But no, we are not some kind of consultancy or a research firm.

SenseCheck is something totally new: a kind of “self-help” for small businesses.

Have a look inside

Sensecheck’s online platform enables B2B owners and marketers to give each other unbiased, arms-length feedback to validate marketing initiatives.

Instead of trying to get feedback from prospects (expensive, difficult) or asking your network (biased, want to be “nice”), Sensecheck’s huge panel of vetted peers gets you 5 frank second opinions on any marketing concept. A confidential, objective review to reinforce

challenge your own judgement.

And, if you want, you can do the same for others. The reciprocity of members drives our model and keeps the cost incredibly low. Or even free! Now we can all get that quick safety check to improve our odds of marketing success, however, small our budget.

It’s quick and easy to use.

How it works

Step 1

Upload your marketing idea (in confidence)

Together with your brief outlining your goals, and target market. Then, our pros take a look and give you the constructive feedback you need to hear.

Step 2

5 verified SenseCheckers review it

Let 5 credible, verified members tell it to you straight. You can select the type of reviewers you’d like to take part. For extra confidentiality, pick those only outside your industry.

Step 3

Receive your personal report

You’ll get a confidential, detailed report that helps you adjust, scrap, or go live with confidence.

Don’t worry, reviewers won’t slate you. Sensecheck is about mutual respect and encouragement. It’s about small businesses helping each other succeed. Our members both give and get reviews. Reciprocity is at our heart.

Book a call with one of our product specialists

One of our product specialists will be in touch to book a 15-minute demo call.

You’ll find out what SenseCheck is and how it can help you with your marketing.

We sure do!
You can watch our demo here.
And this is an example of what your feedback might look like.

SenseCheck is ideal for getting qualitative feedback from a proxy target audience. Where possible, it is always better to get feedback from your actual target audience but when it’s either too expensive or they’re impossible to pin down, the next best thing is SenseCheck.

Find out how your marketing is really coming across.

The first test is free.

Want to know if your marketing idea works?
Get it SenseChecked!