About SenseCheck

How it works

About us

SenseCheck is a membership based community of verified B2B business owners who actively want honest feedback on their marketing ideas.

It’s a simple way for them to improve the success of their marketing and for you to be part of this.

Why join?

Finding a time and cost effective way to meet the right kind of potential SME clients is a challenge for any marketing, or creative consultancy business.

By joining the new SenseCheck community as an expert member you will have the opportunity of speaking directly to marketing oriented B2B Owners and Directors who actually want to speak to you.

It’s a great way to:

- Meet switched on SME prospects.

- Have more meaningful conversations with quicker conversion.

- Maximise your new business ROI.

We're searching for marketing professionals like you*
who are willing to give feedback to our community members in exchange for client introductions and the potential to gain new business.

Apply today

If you are approved* to join SenseCheck as an expert, you will be asked to quickly review, score and provide feedback on members’ marketing ideas. If they are impressed by your input, clients can then invite you to call them directly with the click of a button.

These SME clients can be reputation makers. They are often open to creatively braver work, and you could be part of shaping “the next big thing”

Apply today to become a marketing panel member of SenseCheck. Be recognised as part of an expert network, help small businesses do better marketing, and get new client conversations started.

* Expert members must be validated as experienced, relevant marketing professionals or consultants