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SenseCheck: the power of a second opinion

Get constructive, external feedback to confirm if your marketing idea works as well as you’d hoped – before you risk your hard-earned money. SenseCheck means no more losing sleep over wasting your marketing budget and no more relying on sugar-coated opinions from colleagues.

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SenseCheck is a platform where you can get qualitative feedback on your marketing from a blended panel of B2B SME business owners and marketers so that you can find out how it’s really coming across and why. 

We know that you know that research is important. We also know that when you work in a B2B SME getting feedback directly from your clients can be tricky.

Tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, A/B testing tell you what is or isn’t performing on your website but they can’t tell you why. Nor are they always suitable for SMEs, as to get extract valuable insights you need significant traffic.

SenseCheck is for B2B SMEs that sell to Business Owners and Marketers. It’s for firms and freelancers with resource limitations who want to protect their marketing budget.

You want to know if your website, email, advert copy or brochure is landing right with your audience, but you can’t exactly book a call with your clients to run through your latest email copy.

With SenseCheck you can test the execution of your ads, website, email drafts and other marketing collateral with a proxy for your target audience and find out what resonates.

Yup, a crazy deal. Working on your website? SenseCheck it. Landing page? SenseCheck it. Blog? SenseCheck it! You get the picture. If its marketing you can get it checked.

Pay as You Go users pay zero subscription fees and can buy unlimited tests. There is no qualification for this, anyone can use SenseCheck.

Membership is for those with significant experience in business or marketing.

Approved members receive exclusive benefits. As a vetted member, you can give feedback to others and earn credits doing so. That means you could end up using Sensecheck totally free. 

You also receive membership privileges such as discounted prices. If business owners are intrigued or inspired by your review, they have the opportunity to approach you for further consultation. They are protected by anonymity until they decide to take this step. As are you.

Qualitative research, one to one interviews, focus groups, ethnography and social listening are both time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, most B2B SMEs stick to things like user session recordings, google analytics, google forms or worse copying their competitors. And much of this is limited to websites and online marketing. 

With SenseCheck you have intelligent actionable feedback available on tap. Crucially this is an anonymous, objective external appraisal, not subject to the biases of asking around the office, or your friends.

It’s affordable especially for members, because of the reciprocal nature of the credit system. When members give feedback they earn credits, that they can use towards their own tests.

Each test uses 5 credits.

Pay as you go members can top up their credits at any time. For PAYG users £199 pays for five credits which is equal to one test. 

Members receive exclusive benefits.  As a member, you receive reduced test prices at £99. You will also be invited to our panel to give feedback to test submissions. As you do you earn credits, enabling you to use those credits towards future tests. 

Members must be either business owners or marketers with around 10 years of experience. Our team personally check each applicant’s LinkedIn profile.

Only vetted members can give feedback in order to ensure the value, relevance and quality of reviews.

We can’t in absolute terms. 

When you submit an item for feedback, you will receive five responses. The algorithm selects respondents from our pool of qualified panellists. Only those that have responded will actually see your submission. In effect, everyone else is locked out, making it very unlikely for any competitors to stumble across your test this way. 

We trust our members, and by signing up they agree to the membership pledge but we cannot guarantee or speak for them. 

Having said that, bad actors will be removed from the platform.

At no point is your submission or feedback shared on any public forum by SenseCheck without your express permission.

Your marketing will be made public eventually. Wouldn’t you rather get objective actionable insights from your target audience before you launch?

Only members can give feedback. To become a member applicants must have significant years of experience and our team personally check their credentials on Linkedin. 

Our team also actively check to see the type of feedback you’re receiving. Each report is reviewed on our side.  You are invited to “review the reviewer” to let us know if you find their input helpful. 

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to raise anything or have questions.

Most tests complete within 1 to 5 days.

Only full members have the option of giving feedback.

You do not have to give feedback if you’d prefer not to. We understand that schedules get busy.

If you do decide to, you will get a free test for every 5 reviews given and one free membership renewal for every 20 reviews you complete in one year. 

SenseCheck is ideal for feedback on tactical execution such as websites, email newsletters, adverts, pitch decks etc ideas that can be quickly viewed and understood.

It is not suitable for strategic or lengthy materials. 

If you’re not sure get in touch with the SenseCheck team

When you submit your test, the SenseCheck team personally check each one before it is sent to reviewers. If there are any major errors they’ll be in touch to help you.

For consultants or agency teams, you can also use SenseCheck as a networking platform to open up potential new business conversations. If business owners are intrigued or inspired by your review, they have the opportunity to approach you for further consultation. They are protected by anonymity until they decide to take this step. As are you.

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What can we say?
Our users love SenseCheck

Business Owner / Float Like a Duck

SenseCheck was incredibly efficient and thorough with their report on our website, and has really made me rethink our message. An unexpected but incredibly worthwhile exercise, thank you SenseCheck.

Rafael Joao
Digital Marketer at e screen

The reviews of our website were extremely helpful and gave me a clear path on what to do next. Thank you SenseCheck!

Johnathon Martin
Happiness Coach at Happier.London

Received super constructive feedback on our launch website. Every recommendation was valid & accepted & made an immediate improvement the site. For sure we'll use the service again.

Steve Joyce
Founder, AI Marketing Centre

I required an unbiased second opinion on a piece of marketing copy, and SenseCheck provided that promptly, offering valuable feedback. This motivated me to implement the necessary amendments to the copy. Excellent service!

Martin Delany
Founder, BuzzHubs

With a restricted marketing budget due to high development costs, Sense Check looked like a great way of getting a second opinion from people with no understanding of our software. The mix of feedback we got was fantastic and allowed us to re-focus on the areas that would resonate with potential clients. I've not seen any other way to get that quality of feedback at such a low cost.

Daniel Ricardo
Director, Strategy Plus

As a Digital Agency, we always want to provide our clients with the very best, and to ensure we do, we double-check our work with Marketing peers via SenseCheck. This provides real confidence to our clients that our messaging, creatives and websites really hit the mark. SenseCheck is easy to use and great value!

Phil Isherwood
Marketing Strategist • Digital Marketing Consultant

It's a pleasure to be part of the SenseCheck community, as I know how important a second pair of eyes can be when it comes to your marketing - marketing your business is crucial, so getting the right message across is essential. Using SenseCheck streamlines the process, and gives businesses peace of mind that their marketing campaigns and ideas will bring results.

profile photo
Mark Evans
Fractional CMO, Marketing Spark

When working with a client to develop a new logo, our agency proposed an interesting design. I didn't like it. To get a second opinion, I used SenseCheck. I quickly received feedback that confirmed my concerns. I was able to quickly convince the client that a refreshed version of the existing logo was a better option.

Peter Bishop
Founder and CEO,

I received my Sense Check and it struck a few nerves, which was great as it leads to my improvement. Important questions were asked by Sense Check professionals. It helps to receive non-biased feedback in marketing.

Uros Berisavljevic

The feedback was hugely beneficial in understanding how to improve engagement. I can report that the emails after our sense check got 46% open rate compared with 36% before, and the response rate TRIPLED to 3%. A fantastic first experience with your service. Thank you.

Tom Parsley

Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and it's so hard to 'forget' everything that Joe Public doesn't know about your brand already. 5 pairs of eyes that have been there, seen it and made money from it really adds confidence before you press publish.

Khristian Serrano
School Online

I received feedback on my collateral and I am delighted with the insights. Really gave me food for thought and I’ll be back for more. I’ve left some feedback and given 5 stars. I’ll be using your service again!

Anthony Devine
Managing Director at Finfo

I found the review process pretty seamless and the tool really straightforward and easy to use. It's interesting to comment on others' ideas and I think Sensecheck meets a latent need for small businesses to get honest feedback.

Justyne Smagacz
Head of Customer Experience, Fresha

Incredibly powerful and insightful.

Robert Stell

I found it really annoying…I prickled at the comments. But……… that prickling led to thinking which led to action. So was it useful?? Damn right it was useful…would I use it again..yes, depending on the cost but yes, absolutely.

Swati Deshpande
Swati Deshpande
Marketing Manager, Fooditude

It was nice to be able to get some unbiased opinions from talented peers. Each person sent our campaign offered constructive opinions / changes and the final campaign is so much better for it. The whole process was really simple and the turnaround on feedback was quite quick – It certainly is a service I would recommend.

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