Marketing is one of the least straightforward parts of success in a small company.  It’s hard to get to talk to potential clients.  Let alone test marketing ideas. Expensive to do traditional market research. 

When you do execute a marketing idea, then often there is radio silence. Even after the event, we don’t really know how well it worked let alone why. So when our fingers hover over the “go” button on the next ad, landing page, brochure or blog post it’s not surprising we worry whether we have got it right.

If you are spending your own money, failure hurts. If you are spending someone else’s, failure is career limiting.  

One thing that would really make a difference is having some other marketing brains “in the room” with you as you ponder your next decision. People who understand the challenges, people who have been there and got the T-shirt.

Crucially also people who are not steeped in your product story, are not biased by being too close to your product, hence able to take the same external perspective as your customers. People who are 100% willing, to be honest, and tell you what they really think. 

If the idea that someone out there has got your back appeals, then take a look at the Sensecheck platform. Unbiased, honest feedback on marketing ideas from fellow business owners and marketers.

There’s now no need to make the decision on your own.

Why is getting an arms-length second opinion so useful to SME marketing?

  • It’s hard to judge your own messaging
  • And difficult to take an external point of view
  • Friends and colleagues will want to be nice
  • Most of us don’t have external advice on tap
Have a look inside

How it works

Step 1

Upload your marketing idea (in confidence)

Together with your brief outlining your goals, and target market. Then, our pros take a look and give you the constructive feedback you need to hear.

Step 2

5 verified SenseCheckers review it

Let 5 credible, verified members tell it to you straight. You can select the type of reviewers you’d like to take part. For extra confidentiality, pick those only outside your industry.

Step 3

Receive your personal report

You’ll get a confidential, detailed report that helps you adjust, scrap, or go live with confidence.

Don’t worry, reviewers won’t slate you. Sensecheck is about mutual respect and encouragement. It’s about small businesses helping each other succeed. Our members both give and get reviews. Reciprocity is at our heart.

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Mark Evans
Fractional CMO, Marketing Spark

When working with a client to develop a new logo, our agency proposed an interesting design. I didn't like it. To get a second opinion, I used SenseCheck. I quickly received feedback that confirmed my concerns. I was able to quickly convince the client that a refreshed version of the existing logo was a better option.

Peter Bishop
Founder and CEO,

I received my Sense Check and it struck a few nerves, which was great as it leads to my improvement. Important questions were asked by Sense Check professionals. It helps to receive non-biased feedback in marketing.

Uros Berisavljevic

The feedback was hugely beneficial in understanding how to improve engagement. I can report that the emails after our sense check got 46% open rate compared with 36% before, and the response rate TRIPLED to 3%. A fantastic first experience with your service. Thank you.

Tom Parsley

Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and it's so hard to 'forget' everything that Joe Public doesn't know about your brand already. 5 pairs of eyes that have been there, seen it and made money from it really adds confidence before you press publish.

Khristian Serrano
School Online

I received feedback on my collateral and I am delighted with the insights. Really gave me food for thought and I’ll be back for more. I’ve left some feedback and given 5 stars. I’ll be using your service again!

Anthony Devine
Managing Director at Finfo

I found the review process pretty seamless and the tool really straightforward and easy to use. It's interesting to comment on others' ideas and I think Sensecheck meets a latent need for small businesses to get honest feedback.

Justyne Smagacz
Head of Customer Experience, Fresha

Incredibly powerful and insightful.

Robert Stell

I found it really annoying…I prickled at the comments. But……… that prickling led to thinking which led to action. So was it useful?? Damn right it was useful…would I use it again..yes, depending on the cost but yes, absolutely.

Swati Deshpande
Marketing Manager, Fooditude

It was nice to be able to get some unbiased opinions from talented peers. Each person sent our campaign offered constructive opinions / changes and the final campaign is so much better for it. The whole process was really simple and the turnaround on feedback was quite quick – It certainly is a service I would recommend.

Want to know if your marketing idea works?
Get it SenseChecked!