March 23, 2022

B2B LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices

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A LinkedIn advertising review by the SenseCheck

More and more B2B companies are using Linked in as a primary marketing channel.

Adverts in the feed have quite severe limitations and lack flexibility but they represent the perfect way to compare “like for like” and learn what makes for a good B2B advert in general. Lessons that can be used in any media channel.

The SenseCheck community offers reciprocal feedback to each other on marketing ideas, so we sent 20 randomly selected Linked in ads out to them, for the usual 5 reviewers to rate and comment. Reviewers are anonymous and don’t see each others ratings and comments so it’s a very honest, fair and objective test.

This report is therefore based on 100 B2B professionals’ reviews.

The 20 ideas were then ranked from worst to best in the eyes of our members using the 5 measurement criteria, each rated on a 5 point scale:

  • Is the ad eye catching?
  • Does it engage my interest?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Does it get its intended message across?

Each reviewer gives a final “would I run it” decision. For the detailed comments on any particular Advert, please contact us, in the coming report we just summarise the overall outcomes


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