In a small business, you often are the judge, jury and executioner of your own marketing. But in your heart, you know that there’s too much guesswork going on, and you are at risk of wasting your hard-won marketing funds because the idea doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped.

We “DIY” marketers without the support of experienced colleagues, swanky agencies or traditional market research face a very particular set of challenges. The first step to improvement is to recognise and consider the specific pitfalls that evaluating DIY marketing concepts presents.

Our e-book details the 7 major pitfalls, explains how they could catch you out and gives clear tips on how you can avoid them. This way as you seek to improve your marketing return on investment, you are a few big steps closer towards success.

Find out more about The 7 pitfalls of DIY marketing. And how to fix them. The topics are:
  • Seduced by our own enthusiasm
  • Mental blind spots
  • Ownership bias
  • The Game of Thrones problem
  • The complexity trap
  • The optimism dichotomy
  • Losing interest too early

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