Helping you to make sure your marketing money isn’t wasted. 

SenseCheck is a new peer marketing feedback community platform.

Members are a vetted community of B2B SMEs like you.

Members post their marketing logos, adverts, copy, websites and check each others work to catch needless mistakes and confirm that the idea is strong.

It makes sense to check that your marketing money isn’t wasted


Here’s how it works


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Don't just take our word for it...

“We used Sensecheck to check out our (pre-existing) email messaging promoting our new service. The feedback was hugely beneficial in understanding how to improve engagement - starting some good internal debates and with specific improvement pointers.

I can report that the emails after our sense check got a 46% open rate compared with 36% before, and the response rate TRIPLED to 3%. A fantastic first experience with your service. Thank you"


Uros Berisavljevic


"I found it really annoying... I prickled at the comments. But......that prickling led to thinking, which led to action. So was it useful?? Damn right it was useful...would I use it again...yes"


Robert Stell 

Bradbury Stell Accountants

Rise Audint

"Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and it's so hard to 'forget' everything that Joe Public doesn't know about your brand already. 5 pairs of eyes that have been there, seen it and made money from it really adds confidence before you press publish."


Tom Parsley

Marketing Consultant

I am working with a seriously small team of people trying to get some investment into the business to really take off. It is all too easy to get so close to the project that you miss obvious things. 

Quite simply what was great about the feedback was being able to connect with peers in a meaningful way. It felt like I had an actual team working on this rather than just me. It has helped me to refine my collateral and make it better than it otherwise would have been. 

Khristian Serrano

Digital Marketing Director

I found the review process pretty seamless and the tool really straightforward and easy to use. It's interesting to comment on others' ideas and I think Sensecheck meets a latent need for small businesses to get honest feedback

Anthony Devine

Managing Director at Finfo.

Incredibly powerful and insightful

Justyne Smagacz

Head of Customer Experience, Fresha

Created by small business owners for small businesses


What sort of thing can I test?






Social Media


Exhibition stand

Example Reports

Ideacake Consultancy

Feedback on Website

Rise Audit

Feedback on Web and Branding

Colour Me Social

Feedback on Landing Page

Who is SenseCheck for?

SenseCheck is for B2B Business Owners who:

    • Want to stop wasting marketing money
    • Want to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing spend
    • Want feedback from their peers they trust and respect and will help them make trangible improvements to the execution of their marketing 

    SenseCheck is for B2B Marketers who:

      • Want honest, objective and plain seeking professional feedback on their marketing before their customers see it.
      • A cost effective way to catch mistakes they don’t yet know they’ve made
      • Get confidential external proof to validate their thinking

      SenseCheck is Reciprocal

      Give and you shall receive

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