About SenseCheck

7 out of 10 CEOs believe that their company wastes money on ineffective marketing.

That’s why we created Sensecheck. It’s a way to get objective, arms length feedback on your B2B marketing ideas (logos, advertising copy, website design, promotional videos, social media material or even new product ideas) before you spend your hard-earned cash. You’ll get honest opinions you can trust - from people who know what they’re talking about. A final sense check before you push go.

SenseCheck is a validated network of accredited, experienced SME business people who run small companies and care about marketing success. Created by small business owners for small business owners, it’s a simple, reciprocal way to improve your marketing results, and avoid expensive mistakes.

How it works

About us

Upload your idea with a short explanation of what its purpose is, and get straightforward feedback using our rating system from five other members within 24 hours.

Feedback’s anonymous, so you know you’ll get an honest, objective review of your marketing - before you spend any more money on it.

So if you want to know if your marketing is clear, impactful, and doing what you want it to, give it a SenseCheck.


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