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“SenseCheck is the feedback I wish I’d had ten years ago.”


Roger Jackson



SenseCheck Explained

I have run my own small B2B company for 15 years. We market to middle management in big companies. It’s been impossible to get any meaningful client feedback to improve our marketing. I can’t afford the usual cost of traditional market research. It struck me that fellow business people could act as a proxy for my clients and that it was better to get some third party objective feedback, rather than just using my gut feel. As a minimum, feedback would stress test my own assumptions. That’s the Sensecheck idea.

Small business owners and marketers get together to give each other a crucial second opinion. A well structured opinion from the clear eyed perspective of someone not immersed in my product.  Approved fellow professionals that can look at my marketing with the same lens that my clients would use. And with the protection of anonymity given by the platform, can be brutally and helpfully honest.

I hope you find it useful as I already have.

Roger Jackson

Founder , SenseCheck & Shopper Intelligence

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