SenseCheck was created
by small business owners,
for small businesses.

Our panelists are seasoned pros in the marketing arena, providing simple, objective feedback on your collateral to help improve its delivery and outcomes.

The SenseCheck Story

Sensecheck founders

How it all started

SenseCheck was founded by Roger Jackson and Simon Preece, two individuals with a deep understanding of both the struggles and triumphs of small business marketing.

Roger brought his extensive experience from leading his own small business, Shopper Intelligence, after years in the corporate marketing world. Simon, with a rich background at Elmwood – one of the country’s top branding and design agencies – founded his consultancy, Bigger & Better Things.

United by a passion for levelling the playing field, they recognised that small businesses were at a distinct disadvantage compared to their larger counterparts, especially when it came to avoiding costly marketing mistakes.


The old way

Roger’s view on why SenseCheck was needed: “I created SenseCheck because it’s something I badly needed over the years but never had. I couldn’t afford flashy agencies. But I really could have done with a sensible, experienced and, above all, objective second opinion. On my own, I had to just back my personal judgement. Right or wrong. Sadly, I was often wrong: I wasted huge amounts of marketing money as a result.


The new way

Seeking objective marketing feedback outside your usual circle can feel like a real challenge.

We connect you with five marketing experts from a panel of over 100 industry pros who give you feedback based on actual know-how while ensuring your confidentiality.


The result

We’re not an agency, a consultancy or a research firm. SenseCheck is a one-of-a-kind community designed to connect you with our marketing brain trust of over 100 marketing experts.

Our experts’ input is like a gut check from someone who’s been in your shoes, offering the kind of knowledge that only comes from years of hands-on experience.

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Meet our team!

Roger Jackson
Why Roger loves SenseCheck:

I’ve wasted so much marketing money over the years. The right second opinion would have made all the difference.

Simon Preece
Why Simon loves SenseCheck:

I love the idea of business owners helping each other through sharing independent feedback.

Monica Pram
Client Success Director
Why Monica loves SenseCheck:

It is a compelling platform where marketing professionals that are passionate about business, come together to help their peers succeed. This allows them to be more savvy with their marketing budgets.

Zsolt Apponyi
Zsolt Apponyi
CTO - DataExpert
Why Zsolt loves SenseCheck:

When looking for feedback, trying to get in front of your target audience can be one of the biggest challenges. I love that we don’t need to be afraid of this anymore.

Bjanka Trnkovska
Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager
Why Bjanka loves SenseCheck:

Many times I’ve had this niggling worry that my marketing idea isn’t quite good enough. That niggle is gone with SenseCheck.

Ryan James
Why Ryan loves SenseCheck:

I’ve seen so many marketing budgets go down the drain. A SenseCheck would have often prevented this.

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