Ready to make a difference in small business marketing?

We’re seeking passionate marketing pros eager to make a real impact on the marketing of small businesses.

Joining the SenseCheck marketing panel allows you to connect with potential clients precisely when they need your expertise the most.

It’s about fostering meaningful conversations, building your reputation and driving business success.

Why contribute your insights?

  • Help small businesses navigate common pitfalls and make informed decisions that drive results.
  • Engage directly with marketers facing challenges, potentially paving the way for future collaborations.*
  • Gain valuable insights into the world of small business marketing while learning from fellow experts.
  • Boost your professional visibility by being featured on our website and directory.
  • Receive a 50% share of test fees as a token of appreciation from our grateful SMEs.
  • Use our panel of experts to test your own marketing concepts and strategies.

*Your contact information is shared upon the request of the test recipient.

Keen to join our pro marketing panel?

We’re looking for seasoned professionals with:

  • At least 8-10 years of marketing experience (or relevant qualifications).
  • A maintained LinkedIn profile that will be verified by the SenseCheck team.
  • Willingness to dedicate a few minutes each week to share your valuable feedback.
Khristian Serrano
Chief Commercial Officer
Jane Stacey
Head of Category & Shopper Strategy
Phil Isherwood
Owner / Lead Marketing Strategist
Fenna Neubauer
Business Management Consultant
Steve Lamar
Michâela Deasy
Head of PR and Comms for Compass Carter Osborne.


A SenseCheck review is just a first gut feel, a quick impression. More of a thought starter (literally a “sense check”) than a complete piece of consultancy. They will show their material or thinking to you for you to respond to. Of course, you will want to give value and encourage further dialogue, but this isn’t on its own a replacement for considered detailed advice.

Well, it may be a bit late in one sense,  but on the other hand, if your comment stops them from running collateral that is “wrong”  – even as a last-minute decision, you could save them a lot of money (and build your credibility). Then again, marketing never stops so even if it’s too late for this idea, it’s not too late for the next. Sometimes also members just want a bit of reassurance that their work is effective.

Agency management or consultants with about 10 years of business/marketing experience looking to start new conversations, and are willing to give regular feedback (at your convenience).

New conversations, the opportunity to test your own client ideas. Publicity on our website, and a financial “thank you” at the year-end (after the Beta).

If you are chosen to be on the panel for a particular test, you will receive an email notification. The subject line is
as follows “The SenseCheck portal has selected you to review an idea.

You then click the START REVIEWING button and follow the simple prompts.

Email and we will get back to you soonest.

What do our panelists say about SenseCheck?


quote It's a pleasure to be part of the SenseCheck community, as I know how important a second pair of eyes can be when it comes to your marketing - marketing your business is crucial, so getting the right message across is essential. Using SenseCheck streamlines the process, and gives businesses peace of mind that their marketing campaigns and ideas will bring results. quote

Phil Isherwood
Marketing Strategist • Digital Marketing Consultant

Ready to make a difference in small business marketing?

Joining the SenseCheck marketing panel allows you to connect with potential clients precisely when they need your expertise the most.

Want to know if your marketing idea works?
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