March 14, 2023

Why is feedback so important in B2B marketing?

You may think you know how your B2B marketing activities (landing page, ads, website copy, etc.) are going to be received. Data might have given you some pretty good insight into how it will perform, and your colleagues may be confident that it meets your prospects’ interests and communication style.

But could this all be biassed? Are you ever going to get a clear idea of how your market will receive your campaign when everything is designed as part of one team’s perception of that market’s needs and desires?

Well, we argue that the answer is ‘no’. This is where SenseCheck comes in – we offer you an honest review of your work by unbiased panel members. Here are three examples of why this kind of B2B marketing feedback is so beneficial.

  1. Feedback highlights your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses

First and possibly most important – feedback points out the strengths and weaknesses of your B2B marketing activities, and (if it’s good feedback) provides tips for improving them.

Yes, you can source feedback from within your team or within different departments at your company. Receiving this kind of guidance from colleagues who know your target market well can be incredibly useful.

The benefit of using SenseCheck is that the panel members are completely unbiased and have a wealth of B2B knowledge which is very useful in providing you with honest feedback.

This is particularly important in B2B marketing, where identifying and targeting customers is typically quite specialised. Unbiased third parties are able to judge how sound your idea is as objective outsiders – they can truly put themselves in your market’s shoes, with none of the bias you might bring to the process as experts.

2. You may find yourself sparking new ideas

Outsider feedback can also be immensely useful in inspiring new ideas. Your team is talented, they come up with great concepts and product-moving campaigns, and an outside voice is bound to get their creative juices flowing.

This is something our SenseCheckers put front and foremost – making suggestions designed to empower. When you submit a B2B marketing idea to our team, we pass it on to our experienced panel members in a similar field – for example, you can submit a video, content marketing, social media campaigns, etc – and they take a look. This feedback is then consolidated into a customised report that you or your team can start using. You also have the opportunity to reach out to the panel member that has given you the feedback if you need further clarification.

3. You’ll learn pointers that you can apply to future work

The feedback you’d typically receive from our SenseCheckers can also be applied to future work. To use a very simplistic example, say you are SenseChecking a blog for your truck tyre company on why tyres should be kept at a certain PSI.

Our team’s feedback might be to cut it to 500 words because people don’t have time or the attention span to read more. You can apply this word count to future articles as people are always going to have the same attention span.

Interested in finding out more about how our B2B marketing feedback could benefit your business? Reach out to our SenseCheck team at for more information on what we do and our different plans.

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